Basic SOP Requirements of MASAVA Virtual

Basic requirements & understandings

To be part of MASAVA Pilot, one must understand the basic requirements and understanding of MASAVA Virtual Airline.


Minimum Age

MASAVA Virtual accepts pilots who are above 13 years old on the date of application

Platform Support

X-Plane, Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D v3 v4 v5, Microsoft Flight Simulator with additional of FSUIPC.


1. Able to commit and file their pirep within 7 days of approval

2. Able to file and fly at least once a week

3. Able to respect and show professionalism

4. Able to understand that Virtual World varies from Real World

5.Willing to share knowledge with each other and do not simply criticize others.( In simple words, no political way

MASAVA Policies

Understanding our policies

It is crucial to know the policies that MASAVA Virtual has implemented so pilots will abide all the policies.


Leave Policy

Pilots will need to apply for leave if they are not going to fly for a period of time. Failure to do so will result in a pay cut in their Earned Money

Claim Hours Policy

It is noted that pilots will experience crashing resulting in CTD. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Copy the log from smartCARS into a notepad.
  2. Provide a screenshot of smartCARS with log visible
  3. Provide the Flight Number, Departure Airport & Arrival Airport
  4. Approach any of our management team and send the details

Prior to sending, our team has the rights to reject or accept based on the log given after investigation

Online Network Policy

We expect our pilots to have the basic knowledge of VATSIM. It is important for our pilots to fly using VATSIM with maturity as it will upload professionalism in the community. Please refer to the link below for restricted callsigns

  1. MASAVA Pilot needs to adhere to all VATSIM protocol
  2. MASAVA team will not tolerate any nuisance act in VATSIM (Subject to permanent ban from VA)
  3. VATSIM ATC’s have to right to ignore any special request if needed. ( Nuisance act )

Official Partner

MASAVA will not tolerate any coup that involves any of our partners. Any such acts will result in permanent ban in both parties, blacklisting of IP. Upon registering, MASAVA will work with our partners for any blacklisting ID/IP Address

Harassment Act

MASAVA Virtual does not tolerate any act of harassment. Any harrasment will result in permanent ban and suspension.Users who experience any form of harassment in MASAVA Virtual may contact any of our management team through proper channels. Any other harrasments that does not relate with the Virtual Airline will not be entertained

Using of Proxies/VPN

Any usage of Proxies or VPN will result in permanent ban. All pilots will be interviewed further for verification

Do's & Don's

What do you have to do while flying?

Know the do's and don't of MASAVA Virtual whilst flying!


Use of Slew Mode

Use of slew mode will not be accepted in MASAVA. ( Instant reject )

Simulation Rate

Simulation rate will not be accepted in our pireps. Instant reject and points reduction.

Landing Rate

The maximum landing rate for acceptance of pireps will be -600 fpm

Crash Detection

Crashing of flight/plane will result in Flight Tracker restart.

Mid-Air Refuel

Mid-Air Refuel will not be accepted in MASAVA. Such action will result in pirep rejection. Instant reject and points reduction.

Suspension of Account

Users that do not abide by rules that result in suspension of account will have their account permanently banned without any considerations.

The usage of points system

Embarking into the new points system

With the new implementation of Points System, more doors are open to allow more challenges for MASAVA Virtual pilots. With that, pilots will get to enjoy benefits/rewards!


As of 1st March 2021
Landing Rate Points Deduction/Addition
Landing rate between 0 fpm to -2 fpm -10 Points
Landing rate between -5 fpm to -100 fpm +5 Points
Landing rate between -100 fpm to -300 fpm +3 Points
Landing rate between -300 fpm to -600 fpm +2 Points
Landing rate exceeds -600fpm or more -15 Points
Distance Coverage Points Deduction/Addition
Distance between 100NM to 200NM +2 points
Distance between 200NM to 800NM +3 points
Distance between 800NM to 2000NM +5 points
Distance between 2000NM to 4000NM +7 points
Distance above 4000NM +9 points
*Distance more than 200NM, 1 points per 100NM +1 point per 100NM
Speeding Points Deduction/Addition
Exceed 250 KIAS/Knots below 10,000 ft -1 point per exceed
Overspeed entered -1 point
Stall/Simulation/Slew Points Deduction/Addition
Stalling/Stall -3 point per stall
Simulation Rate x 2 or more -2 point per sim rate
Slew Mode -3 point
Flight Preparation Points Deduction/Addition
Flight preparation for 15 mins to 30 mins +4 points
Flight preparation for 5 mins to 15 mins +2 points
Flight preparation for 0 mins to 5 mins +1 points
Flaps set for takeoff & Landing (Not active yet) +2 points
Early arrival by 5 mins or more (Not active yet) +3 points
Late arrival by 20 mins (Not active yet) -3 points
Others Points Deduction/Addition
Pilot flying to airport of the day +8 points
Pilot flying on the weekend +4 points
Pilot flying on the weekday +6 points


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